COMA REGALIA - Marked 12" LP/Tape

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Another Coma Regalia LP? Of course, why not!? They've been the most active screamo outfit out there for years, so that's only one good reason. It's kind of surreal how many songs can be written by one person (mastermind Shawn Decker) and that it feels like they're getting better and better with each new release. Marked is Coma Regalia's latest album and it's probably their most creative and diverse sounding to date, as we can find the use of electronics synths right in the beginning and just very elaborate songwriting through out the entire piece of work.
On Marked, Shawn Decker was joined by his friends Jon Schlatter (Hundreds Of AU, The Assistant, You & I, What Of Us) on bass and Jason Wolpert on the drums.