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Kill The Buzz
Kill The Buzz is the band's second full-length album. Its eleven songs are driven by high energy and come along with damn lot of groove and banger riffs. Drip-Fed recorded such kind of an album for which repeat buttons got invented. Fans of Fury, One Step Closer, Drug Church or Turnstile certainly will know how to enjoy this.

After releasing their demo in 2014, the "Sickened Kind" EP in 2015, and the "Under the Wave Blanket" 7-inch in 2017, Drip-Fed release their first full-length record. From aggressive hardcore punk to bright melodies, Drip-Fed covers a lot of ground appealing to any fan of rock music. Drawing influences from classic hardcore and punk bands such as Minor Threat, The Stooges and Black Flag, Drip-Fed create their own blend of the genre by bringing in melodic and upbeat places to the game.