NAKED LIGHTS - Chime Grove 12" LP

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Combining an array of smartly used synths, damaged guitars, dubby baselines, drum machines & live percussion with sparse vocals.
Employing early 80's antics integrated with sublime worldly, post punk, minimal and kosmische overtones help mark this release as a powerful jumping off point for Naked Lights. Chime Grove is a strong prequel for the band's current live and studio endeavor's which mend newly added singer Aurora Crispin's poignant and playful vocals with a full encompassing post punk splatter, including a classic no frills live show featuring live drums, percussion, double jarring glass like guitars and bass. With the band's newly completed Santo Studio, a full analog recording studio at their disposal, this release charts an important initial offering in Naked Lights no doubt prolific future. Preceding an amalgamation of newer full band compositions, Chime Grove will hold up as a classic, a musically free and expansive listen.