PORTAL TO THE GOD DAMN BLOOD DIMENSION - Rotten Fruit; Regular Orchard 12" LP

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Salt Lake City ensemble Portal to the God Damn Blood Dimension have been knitting together programmatic music since 2013. Starting with a single member and slowly growing to 9, the group has constantly focused on challenging themselves and their audience with a unique combination of poetry, noise and texture. Employing horns, winds, strings, guitars, drums, samples and vocalizations, they create an experience that is highly confrontational and at times bleak, but with a certain self-awareness and optimism.
Rotten Fruit; Regular Orchard is the first piece of music written and recorded by the ensemble. The two songs, spanning over 34 minutes frantically played by 9 performers and even a small choir, vacillate between delicate and eruptive sections, wrenching the tradition of chamber music out of parlors and into the smoke-filled basement of a punk house. Grandiose, ugly, imperfect and emotional, conjuring comparisons to both screamo and post rock, while never really settling into either mold, this record guides you through the accumulation and acceptance of regret, with equal parts poetic narration and haunted wailing.