SWITCHBLADE - Switchblade [2012] 2x12" LP

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The phoenix has risen once again in a new shape and form. This time as a two-headed beast.

The adjustment from trio to duo has been perfected over the course of the last 3 years and this album is the fruit of that labor. Switchblade is taking one big step forward and two steps backward. In three monumental movements, that spans over a period of 37 minutes, Switchblade plunges into an array of different dynamics. Always ebbing and flowing.

This time joined by Per Wiberg (ex -Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Clutch, Candlemass) on Hammond organ and The Cuckoo (Terra Tenebrosa), David Johansson (Kongh, The Eternal Void) and Lord Seth (Old Katatonia) on vocals.