WOLF MOUNTAINS - Super Heavy 12" LP

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Reinhold Emerson, Kevin Kuhn (Karies, Die Nerven) and Thomas Zehnle (Levin Goes Lightly), the three Stuttgart natives who came together to form the mighty Wolf Mountains appear on the surface to be super chilled dudes, exuding an aire of living on the edge of eternal boredom. Their LP „Superheavvy“ opens in a style attesting to this, lulling you to sleep like a newborn baby in it’s mothers arms, only to be violently awakened by what feels like the squeal of circular saw, as track two „Vacation“ kicks in. A two minute John Dwyer-esque surf/garage-guitar inferno, this stomper of a track is fit for any garage jam. You can be sure not to get too smug and cosy in your Mr „yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before“ cave, as you’ll be taken on a rollercoaster ride from cheesy lo-fi Weezer-esque numbers to short punchy sketch tracks, and intrumentals that sound like the’ve been pressed straight out of a warehouse in Williamsburg.