I AM A CURSE - Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage: Civil Wars 12" LP

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I AM A CURSE are paralyzing your muscles, trapping your mind in a vortex of stories about distance and death. Their music is throwing you somewhere in the burnt lands of forgotten revolutions, war ruins and lead you to your very own ascension beyond flesh and bone, beyond the material, beyond the world as we know it.

And if this sounds like a mere introduction it’s exactly what Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage : Civil Wars is. A captivating story, a fragment from an old painting I AM A CURSE have discovered and have been revealing piece by piece since their start as a band. So expect no surprises here, no radical style changes, the new I AM A CURSE is what the title says – a sequel to an amazing begining, which you have to play, listen and learn.