NESKA LAGUN - Caos:Calma 12" LP

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Genre: Post-Hardcore, Screamo
FFO: Boneflower, Viva Belgrado, Loma Prieta, The Tidal Sleep

Being around since 2015, Neska Lagun from Berlin have steadily played an active part in the German post-hardcore and screamo scene up until Covid hit. In 2023 the four friends are back on the surface and hit us hard with their new 9-track album which makes their follow LP to "Fluchtpunkt" from 2019. "Caos:Calma" is a true whirlwind which is carried by big sound walls, driven by blasting drums and topped with emotional vocals. Said vocals change the language back and forth between German and Spanish which gives the whole record a very special touch and makes Neska Lagun very unique.