SLOW JAMS - Punk Standards 12" LP

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Slow Jams is a band beyond borders: based in Berlin, with five members from Italy, France, Romania and Germany, the band is paying homage to the hardcore punk's 90’s and early 2000s sound. After releasing their debut “To The Bone”, the follow-up EP “Heavy Blues” from 2020 as well as playing a European tour with Drip-Fed, it is time to unleash the band’s newest work in 2022: “Punk Standards” is an expression of the band’s love for all the facets of punk rock music which showcases a strong impact of the 90’s grunge and post-hardcore sound. Overdriven and fuzzy guitars lead through these 12 tracks, supported by a groovy rhythm section and the raw yet emotional vocals by the band’s new singer Bruno. This album is a powerful energy package which should be a returning guest to once record player.